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Alexis Bledel Gets Naughty And Flashes Some Pink

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Looks like Alexis Bledel is feeling kinda constrained by the straight-laced life she’s been leading up ’til now, as well as all those wholesome roles.  When you’re too well-behaved, there’s got to be some pressure building inside from all the repressed urges, and here we have Alexis Bledel finally giving in to those urges and suddenly pulling down her panties out in the middle of some park somewhere.

What doesn’t surprise us about this scene is that Alexis Bledel’s pussy isn’t waxed smooth as a baby’s bottom.  No, she’s keeping it neat and trimmed, like a good girl who isn’t the type who flashes her gash at every opportunity, but still doesn’t want it to grow wildly like some hippy chick.  That’s a nice Catholic schoolgirl pussy right there, and it goes great with Alexis’ checkered skirt.

Alexis isn’t as as restrained a few days later, as you can see in the second photo.  Still indulging her naughty urges, or Catholic schoolgirl fantasies even, while she’s showing off her clitty to whoever’s holding that camera, and even has her shirt unbuttoned too, to expose her perky titties.  That’s boob and pussy action for all you horndogs out there, so take advantage of it and spank that monkey now!

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