Alexis Bledel Nude

Alexis Bledel is known these days for being part of the foursome in the teen chick flick “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and its sequel, but I think she ought to be a member of the “Sisterhood of Making Our Pants Too Tight In Front” instead.  Even though her appeal has a clean, innocent quality to it, she’s so cute that we can’t help but wish that we could see Alexis Bledel nude and doing something risque, instead of her usual wholesome roles.

Well, there’s always her appearance in “Sin City” to tease us with an image of Alexis Bledel being mature and edgy, which is in complete contrast to her usual film and TV appearances, like “Tuck Everlasting“, for example, where she played one of the lead characters, a 15-year old girl at the turn of the 20th century.  Of course she was already 20 at the time.  But with her wide-eyed, pretty face, that’s usually the kind of roles Alexis gets cast for, and now that she’s all grown up, she’s turned into a graceful, elegant beauty that most guys wouldn’t dare to connect to any dirty thought in their mind as they indulge their romantic fantasies instead of carnal ones.

Well, most guys wouldn’t be on this site then.  If you’re here, then you clearly find Alexis Bledel both beautiful and hot at the same time.  That’s why you ought to check out Alexis Bledel Nude.  That’s where a real horndog with the hots for this Gilmore Girl goes to so they can fulfill their need to see some raunch in this lovely lass.  I mean Alexis even has a 2002 Family Television Award for her role as one-half of the “Gilmore Girls”, so you know she’s badly in need of some naughty roles to live that down, although her close-knit Roman Catholic family must be proud, of course.

Hopefully she’ll be in “Sin City 2” so that we can get another look at Alexis as a streetwalker, or maybe even “The Post Grad Survival Guide” which is set for release next year will show her in a more cheeky light.  But I wouldn’t bet on it, so Alexis Bledel Nude is still your best bet for some sexy action from this charmer.