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August 1st, 2016 by J

Gorgeous Alexis Bledel has unleashed her wild side in this naughty sex tape. Everything you’ve come to know about this wallflower will be shattered as you watch her suck and fuck that stiff dick like her there’s no tomorrow! All of ’em girl next door has a dark side, it seems.

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April 2nd, 2016 by J

One huge problem about watching certain TV series which last for years is the fact that at some point we forget that the characters in these shows actually grow old. Although it is apparent on screen, seeing them change their styles and looks over the years, we seem to keep on hanging on to their immortal roles that don’t seem to die. Well, unless, the director kills off a character for whatever reason of course. It is the same case with Alexis Bledel when she debuted her career in the long-time running TV series, Gilmore Girls. She got famous in this series for a couple of years that it got tough accepting her on an entirely different show or film with opposite her character as Rory Gilmore, daughter to a single mom, to being someone’s rich daughter and having the means to travel wherever she may please when school is out in the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Though she may appear to have the same kind of personality, the wallflower of a chick, never ready to show the world that she actually has a thing for attraction and fantasies, and even sexual craving tendencies.

Alexis Bledel pussy-playing

But all these change eventually and that is what we’re here for, unleashing these chicks’ inner demon and bitches simply because at some point in their lives, they needed someone or something to help them be a part of the normal society who isn’t afraid of loosening up a bit and just go with the flow. And because we thought ‘Rory’ is going to stay single like forever and will eternally get stuck in a role where she won’t ever find that one true love who she can share this wild side of hers with, a solo video of hers having fun is so timely leaked. It doesn’t even matter anymore if this was intentional or someone got a clumsy hand pressing buttons to upload this but we’re glad it happened either way. You will never look at shy and reserved Alexis Bledel the same way again after watching her get naked and stuff and fuck her cunt with a dildo. Recently married, and yes in real life, Alexis may have just opened up her Pandora’s Box, which led to her happily ever after with Vincent Kartheiser. Lucky dude, indeed, and it’s probably like teenagers exploring their bodies for the first time.

Alexis Bledel Is Hungry For Cock

August 16th, 2010 by alex

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With all these cum showers and hard-pounding fuck sessions we’re seeing right now, it takes a pretty special to be able to last long when it comes to non-stop screwing, and no one does it better than Alexis Bledel or most popularly known as Rory Gilmore from the television series The Gilmore Girls. With a distinctly natural and youthful earthy beauty that can alternate between very innocent and smoldering hot slut with the change of the breeze, former fashion model turned actress Alexis Bledel built a sturdy fan base with her role as television nicest girl-next-door. Click on the link if you want to see more hot and steamy Alexis Bledel nude pictures.

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See how this native Texan tackles some of the angriest and hungriest cocks working up inside her gaping love holes as she spreads her legs and raises her ass to get them stuffed relentlessly! And it looks like she’s enjoying all that fucking like a hungry nympho who will stop at nothing until she gets doused with fresh, creamy cum. And these hardcore pictures are enough evidence that she digs the shagging and she’s doing it like a pro slut! Even nice girls have their needs and would want a hardcore fucking once in a while… but I guess for Alexis, she needs it every single day!

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April 16th, 2010 by alex

Who would’ve thought this cute little girl with an angelic face would turn out to be such a huge slut?  Well, actually I could have told you that, because I figured from the beginning that Alexis Bledel had a hidden desire for orgasms and other dirty things inside of her.  Just look at the transformation form nice Catholic schoolgirl to the slutty whore we see here in these pictures.  And why would I call her a slutty whore?  What else would you call a girl who loves, and I mean LOVES, playing with herself using a variety of dildos and even taking pics of herself doing so?

Just look at the variety of dirty sex toys that she has and likes to use on her halpless pussy!  There’s a big vibrator that’s got to be her oldest toy, because she looks so young in that photo, and then there’s a smaller dildo that she’s got to use for  more intimate work.  It’s got ball-shaped things along it’s entire length which makes it really pleasurable to use, I bet.  And then she’s even got a speculum among the variety of gadgets that she uses to bring herself to orgasm!  Now speculums are used to explore body cavities and you know just what cavity she likes to explore the most…

And we’ve even got a nasty photos of Alexis Bledel using two dildos at once.  Now that’s some dirty shit right there.  I can almost imagine the moans she makes (not to mention the mess she makes) as she double penetrates herself with her two pleasure prongs!  Now, can you deny that this little girl is such a raunchy fleshpot?  But then, that’s just what we love about her!  Seeing this young celeb give in to her sexual desires makes us hope that others follow suit.  And you can check out even more of Alexis’ dirty dildo escapades over on Alexis Bledel Nude.

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June 30th, 2009 by alex

Gilmore Girls‘ cutie Alexis Bledel never fails to surprise us when it comes to her hidden sleaze and amidst all of those hot naked pictures of her coming out in the open, we just couldn’t believe that there are still more of ’em hot goodies and we are more than happy to share it to the entire world! This time we have uncovered these glamorous nude photos of Alexis and like always, she shows off her great body while doing some of the most provocative and sexiest poses enough to get you all hard in between your legs!

Watch Alexis display her hot tits, ass and pink pussy before the camera and with this new set of images we have in our collection, you will definitely fall in love with Alexis even more! So don’t just stand there and head on over to Alexis Bledel Nude right now and check out our goodies waiting for you there!

Who’s Cock Is Alexis Bledel Pleasuring?

October 31st, 2008 by alex

Alexis seems to be the type of girl who gets into long-term relationships, unlike most Hollywood skanks who hop from one bed to another.  Well, whatever makes her happy is fine by us, as long as images like this leak out once in a while so that we can enjoy those relationships as much as her!  Her last long-term relationship was with her onscreen-boyfriend on “Gilmore Girls“, Milo Ventimiglia, who’s now more famous as Peter Petrelli, the uber-hero on the hit series “Heroes“.

That lasted three-and-a-half years, so now that we’re seeing these pics of Alexis Bledel holding some guy’s cock, we’re wondering who she’s seeing now, ’cause it’s certainly not us!  She’s bringing that boner near her mouth in one photo, while in the other, she’s obviously getting ready for some hardcore action, with her breasts exposed and her hands sliding a condom on the guy’s dick.  Damn, even when she’s not being a slut who sleeps around with every guy she meets, Alexis Bledel is so smokin’ hot!

But then again, maybe those ARE two different guys, and Alexis is turning over a new leaf.  Now that would be a cock-hardening piece of news, right?  Better start keeping up with Alexis Bledel’s raunchy escapades by checking out that link back there regularly!

Alexis Bledel Tries Out Some Bondage

October 31st, 2008 by alex

Here’s Alexis Bledel getting even more kinky than before by experimenting with some light S&M.  So far I don’t see any cattle prods or needles stuck in her breasts, so I’m calling these bondage sessions light, and not hardcore.  That’s just fine by me, because seeing someone as angelic looking as Alexis totally debase herself with hardcore S&M would be so kinky, I’d be either cumming in seconds or too shocked to even start wanking off.  But these pics with Alexis in some sexy black leather and lace, and then naked and tied up in some kind of bondage suspension set-up are erotic enough to get anyone aroused, even those not into this stuff.  She must have been enjoying her sexual freedom a lot lately, because as most fetishists know, bondage can be very liberating, and Alexis is probably trying to achieve even more of that sensation here in these sessions.  Click on this link if you want to see if she continues her experimentation with this lusty lifestyle!

Alexis Bledel Totally Nude And Naked

October 31st, 2008 by alex

Being naughty can be such an enriching and freeing experience, and that’s clearly what Alexis Bledel has been experiencing since she decided to give in to her baser urges.  She’s not just flashing her titties or pussy now, she’s very comfortable getting naked, which these pictures show.  Now that’s something we’ve all been wishing for, even those whose worship of this cutie borders on the devotional rather than the carnal.

Well, Alexis has been a very well-behaved girl so far, so it’s not surprising that a lot of guys out there haven’t been fantasizing about her in this way before.  Who knew she could be such a kinky minx, with her upbringing?  She’s half-Argentinian and half-Mexican, from a good family who raised her Roman Catholic, so she’s very grounded and well-behaved.  Hell, even these pics can be considered pretty classy, for nude photography.

Well, except for the third one, which has her showing her pussy to the camera along with her ass.  But boy, is that pic so sizzling hot!  Any guy out there would be whipping his trouser snake out in a second at the sight of that image, and there are lots more Alexis Bledel nude pics where that came from, so click on that link back there, and check ’em all out!

Alexis Bledel Gets Naughty And Flashes Some Pink

October 30th, 2008 by alex

Looks like Alexis Bledel is feeling kinda constrained by the straight-laced life she’s been leading up ’til now, as well as all those wholesome roles.  When you’re too well-behaved, there’s got to be some pressure building inside from all the repressed urges, and here we have Alexis Bledel finally giving in to those urges and suddenly pulling down her panties out in the middle of some park somewhere.

What doesn’t surprise us about this scene is that Alexis Bledel’s pussy isn’t waxed smooth as a baby’s bottom.  No, she’s keeping it neat and trimmed, like a good girl who isn’t the type who flashes her gash at every opportunity, but still doesn’t want it to grow wildly like some hippy chick.  That’s a nice Catholic schoolgirl pussy right there, and it goes great with Alexis’ checkered skirt.

Alexis isn’t as as restrained a few days later, as you can see in the second photo.  Still indulging her naughty urges, or Catholic schoolgirl fantasies even, while she’s showing off her clitty to whoever’s holding that camera, and even has her shirt unbuttoned too, to expose her perky titties.  That’s boob and pussy action for all you horndogs out there, so take advantage of it and spank that monkey now!

You can also check out more of Alexis Bledel’s naughty moments by checking out this site, though…